Saturday, December 26, 2020

2020.12.26 Everglades National Park, FL

    Our first experience at Everglades. We did not know what to really look forward to except alligators and mosquitoes. And I have to say the wildlife was truly incredible. On the very first day we have spotted a snake, tortoise, alligators, voulchers and many different kinds of birds.
    Our camp was surprisingly quiet and I suspect that Christmas holidays had something to do with that. The National Parks campgrounds can be very rustic and this one was no exception. But our biggest problem was invasion of mosquitos every evening immediately after dusk. Even with the mosquito screens everywhere and dimmed lights, some still managed to sneak inside our RV. However we survived and now we're treating our very itching bites. Everyone who ever visited Everglades knows that mosquitoes can be brutal at this place. During our stay here we decided to rent a kayak and explore some mangrove forests. My wish was to see a manatee because I've never seen one before. And I got lucky we spotted a mother with a baby. The baby manatee was very playful and was following our kayak for a while. It really made my day.